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In a letter from Don Curtis, President of Curtis Media Group, 

The program was "Our Best to You." This program ran from late 1947 to early 1962 on WPTF.

The Host was Jimmy Capps, a marvelous announcer and an even better person!  He was inducted into the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in April 2001.  Other members include Billy Graham, Edward R. Morrow, Kate Smith, William Friday, and others."

Our Best to You" OBTY was originated by the late Jimmy Capps and aired nightly from 1O PM to Midnight.  In addition to requests, Jimmy also read poetry.

The program was the highest rated of all WPTF programs.   No WPTF personality has ever been more Popular than Jimmy Capps.   Jimmy died in 1967.

We have a program on Sunday Nights and at 11 O'clock each Sunday night we still today play the traditional Jimmy Capps opening theme song (a song recorded by Eddie Howard entitled My Best to You) and still have Jimmy's voice on the air.

As a tribute to Capps, the 11 PM hour of the WPTF Hall of Fame features nothing but love songs, and begins each week with the original theme sound in the voice of Jimmy Capps.   From time to time the program features some of the readings of poetry by Jimmy Capps from the WPTF archives. 


The background music playing "Dream of Olwen" was a favorite of Jimmy while reading poetry.


To Hear Jimmy Capps and Our Best To You


From the film “While I Live” (Charles Williams / Winifred May) 1947
Olwen, I hear you call to me
At moonrise across a golden sea
Softly the waves make melody
To wake all my song of memory
Olwen come to me I implore
Tell me where shall I find you
Olwen till the stars shine no more
True unto you I shall be

Deep is the blue that veils the night
The light in the west has faded
But I must pursue till dawn breaks through
The dream I am dreaming of you, beloved
(Orchestral Interlude)
Olwen in the wings of the wind
Fondly your voice is calling
Calling from a world far apart
And strangely you seem
To answer the dream in my heart


More about what happened in "Our Times" are coming. . . .


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