FHS Class of 1955 Candid photographs - 60th Class Reunion 2015

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Charlotte Regan Mason and Ann Beck Owen  Charles and Frances Turner, Phillip Harris  Inez Owen Hatcher, Evelyn Fisher Hart, Cordellia Scruggs  Bobby Wayne Kemp, Noel Vossler Harris  Peggy and Billy Latham, Frances Williams Worthington, Richard and Margaret Welsh  Mary Hill and John Lane  Herlie Hendrix, Dena Fasul Potter and Cordellia Scruggs  

William and Donna Aycock, Phil Harris Lonnie Player and Billy Latham Malcolm Foster, Margaret Welsh, Patsy Foster H.E. "Cobbie" Reeves and CArolyn Hair Handel Til Downing, Mary Rose Cooper and Graham Bell Phil Harris, Noel Vossler Harris and Bettie Wooten Downing Bill and Phyllis Laslett, Dena Fasul Potter

Ann and Cobbie Reaves, Lonnie Player, Inez Owen Hatcher Lonnie Player, Inez and Joe Mack Hatcher, Suella Cox Klug Robert Mutzberg, Clara Page Koonce, Jerry Hester Judy and David Morgan Frances Williams Worthington Evelyn Fisher Hart and Robert Mutzberg Carl and Beth Strayhorn, Betty Jonson Lewis

Sunday Breakfast

Richard Welch, John Lane, Frances Williams Worthington, Phil Harris, DFan Porter, linda and Jimmy Burgess Bill and Evelyn Fisher Hart, Peggy and Billy Latham Betty Johnson Lewis and Mary Morgan Beth and Carl Strayhorn Graham Bell and Carolyn Hair Handel Charlotte Regan Mason, Phil Harris, Jean Warren and Dan Porter Jean Warren and Linda Burgess Jimmy Burgess and Noel Vossler Harris

Above photographs furnished by Clara Page Koonce

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FHS Class of 1955 Candid photographs - 55th Class Reunion 2010

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Inez Owen Hatcher, Bruce McDaniel, Noel Vossler Harris  Inez Owen Hatcher, Mary Rose Cooper Bell, Betty Wooten Downing, Cobby Reeves, Suella Cox Klug  Warren and Susan Elkins  Gaynell Berry Waldo, Suella Cox Klug, Priscilla Whitehead McCloud  Billy Owen and Ann Beck Owen  Jimmy and Marian Crowell

Billy Latham and Jimmy Crowell  Tildon and Bettie Wooten Downing  Bobby Dan and Marjorie Thompson  Bruce and Ann Olhausen McDaniel  Graham and Mary Rose Cooper Bell  Jack Cain and Cobby Reeves  Ralph and Dena Fasul Potter 

Donna and Bill Aycock, Tildon Downing, Jack Cain  Billy and Peggy Latham, Shena Hendrix  Gaynell Berry Waldo and Ann Beck Owen  Carl Strayhorn, Robert Mutzberg, Bill Laslett, Peggy Latham and Shena Hendrix  Lonnie and Kaye Player, Inez Owen Hatcher  Berniece Fleishman Wolff and granddaughter

Bobby Dan and Marjorie Thompson  Mary Hill and John Lane  Carl Strayhorn, Herlie and Shena Hendrix  Richard Welch, Phil Harris, Margaret Welch  Dena Fasul Potter, Noel Vossler Harris, Clara Page Koonce and Leslie Wells-Clark  Beth and Carl Strayhorn

Above photographs furnished by Clara Page Koonce



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FHS Class of 1955 Candid photographs - 50th Class Reunion 2005

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      Thanks to Wayne Lewis for the above snapshots.


More Photographs





           Thanks to Frances Williams Worthington for the above photos.


And More Photographs














Thanks to Phil and Noel Harris for the above photos.
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