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Fayetteville High School 2007 Joint Class Reunion of the

Classes of 1950, 1951 and 1952 

September 7 & 8, 2007 at the Holiday Inn, Bordeaux and Paradise Acres

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Banquet Night Photographs - Friday, 7th September, 2007

WP071568   WP071569   WP071570   WP071572   WP071573   WP071574

WP071575   WP071576   WP071577   WP071578   WP071579   WP071580   WP071581

WP071582   WP071583   WP071584   WP071585   WP071586   WP071587

WP071588   WP071589   WP071590   WP071591   WP071592   WP071593   WP071594

WP071595   WP071596   WP071597   WP071598   WP071599   WP071600

WP071601   WP071602   WP071603   WP071604   WP071605   WP071606
Our appreciation to Weeks and Myra Parker for the above photos


DF070363   DF070364   DF070365   DF070366   DF070367

DF070368   DF070369   DF070371   DF070372   DF070374
Muchas gracias to David Fry for the above photos


HKB07-07   HKB07-09   HKB07-11   HKB07-13   HKB07-14   HKB07-15   HKB07-17

HKB07-18   HKB07-20   HKB07-21   HKB07-22   HKB07-23   HKB07-24   HKB07-26

HKB07-27   HKB07-29   HKB07-30   HKB07-31   HKB07-32   HKB07-33   HKB07-34
Many thanks to Henny and Kit Bramble for these photos


RBG07A01   RBG07A02   RBG07A03   RBG07A05   RBG07A06   RBG07A07

RBG07A08   RBG07A09   RBG07A10   RBG07A13   RBG07A14   RBG07A15

RBG07A16   RBG07A19   RBG07A20   RBG07A22   RBG07A23   RBG07A24

   RBG07B10   RBG07B12   RBG07B13   RBG07B16   RBG07B17   RBG07B18   RBG07B19

RBG07B20   RBG07B21   RBG07B22   RBG07B23   RBG07B24   RBG07B25

RBG07C01   RBG07C02   RBG07C03   RBG07C04   RBG07C05   RBG07C06

RBG07C07   RBG07C08   RBG07C09   RBG07C10   RBG07C11   RBG07C13

RBG07C14   RBG07C15   RBG07C16   RBG07C17   RBG07C18   RBG07C19
Our thanks to RB amd Carole Goforth for this group of photos



Our appreciation to Sarah and Gary Thaggard for the above group of photos.


Bar-B-Que Night Photographs - Saturday, 8th September, 2007

WP071607   WP071608   W071609   WP071610   WP071611   WP071612   WP071613   WP071614

WP071615   WP071616   WP071617   WP071618   WP071619   WP071620   WP071621

WP071622   WP071623   WP071624   WP071625   WP071626   WP071627   WP071628   WP071629

Wp071630   WP071631   Wp071632   WP071633   WP071634   WP071635   WP071636

WP071637   WP071638   WP071639      WP071642   WP071647   WP071643 

WP071644    WP071645    WP071646    WP071648    WP071649    WP071650
The above photos are also from Weeks and Myra Parker


DF070379  DF070380  DF070381 

DF070382  DF070383  DF070384  DF070385
Thanks again to David Fry


JMC0701   JMC0702   JMC0703   JMC0704   JMC0705   JMC0706   JMC0707

JMC0708   JMC0709   JMC0710   JMC0711   JMC0712   JMC0713

JMC0714   JMC0715   JMC0716   JMC0717   JMC0718   JMC0719   JMC0720

JMC0721   JMC0722   JMC0723   JMC0724   JMC0725   JMC0726\

JMC0727   JMC0728   JMC0729   JMC0730   JMC0731   JMC0732   JMC0733

JMC0734   JMC0735   JMC0736   JMC0737   JMC0738   JMC0739
Our appreciation to Joan Maultsby Cheshire for this group of photographs


HKB07-65   HKB07-66   HKB07-67   HKB07-68   HKB07-69   HKB07-71
Thanks again to Henny and Kit Bramble for these photos.
For other photos by Henny and Kit, see Class of 51 Photograph page


RBG07101   RBG07102   RBG07103   RBG07104   RBG07105   RBG07106

RBG07108   RGB07109   RBG07110   RBG07111   RBG07112

RBG07113   RBG07114   RBG07115   RBG07116
RB and Carole Goforth sent these photos





Our appreciation to Sarah and Gary Thaggard for this group of photos.





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