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Class Luncheon held at Hudson Bay, Ocober 19th.  See Photographs page.

60th Reunion of the Class of 1955 was held August 15th.  See Class of 1955 Reunions and Photographs pages.

Recent Reunion of FHS Class of 1953 -  See Class of 1953 Photographs Page





Welcome to FHS Classmates Home Page

Our Alma Mater - Fayetteville Senior High School
Location - Fayetteville, North Carolina


Hail to dear old Fayetteville High School
Thee we'll always love,
Always hear thy praises ringing,
Ringing from above.
Raise your voices,
Sing her praises,
Our school is the best.
Fayetteville High School we will cherish,
Dear old F. H. S




If you are a fellow classmate you can:
Read the History of FHS
Visit old times and reminisce
Look at Photographs Old and New
Contact old friends and find missing classmates
Read a brief History of Fayetteville, Lafayette and Flora MacDonald
Also Timelines and Photo stories of the on-going war with global terrorism

If you are just surfing, you are a welcomed visitor

Go Bulldogs

Fayetteville High School Bulldogs


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September 6, 2007 was the 250th birthday of Marquis de Lafayette

Our Town, Fayetteville, was the first in the nation named for Lafayette

Visit The Lafayette Society Official site in Fayetteville, NC

For more about Marquis de Lafayette, read "Our Town" and the links to Lafayette, Lafayette in Fayetteville and the State House.


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Read about our town's historical figures - Our Town page

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Veterans of WWII are now dying at a rate of about 2,000 per day


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The second flag raising atop Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945
original photographs by Joe Rosenthal


Because time is running out for so many veterans, a song has been written dedicated to those men and women. 

The mournful "Before You Go" does more than salute those who fought in WWII.  It encourages people to go out of their way to thank the aging warriors before they die.

Click on above link to hear "Before You Go"


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"Just A Common Soldier - A Soldier Died Today"

Video Tribute To Out Nation's Veterans

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September 11, 2001



        Will You Pray For Our Nation?

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What A Difference A Day Makes
The Shadow Of Your Smile
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