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The Class of 1949

Remembering our Classmates - They are not forgotten 








Keeter Barnes

James Claude "JC" Britt

David  Lee "Dave" Butler

William Howard Cheshire

Ruth Cole

Frances Dudley

Barbara  Lee Enright

Robert Jennings Enright

William Parrish Gilbert

Ray G. Green, Jr.

Clarence Godwin

Jean Gowdy





Bobby Hasty

Frank W. Herring

Herman Hinnant

Emma Lelia Hunter

Margaret Josephine Hunter

Doris Mae Jackson

Cedric Clifton Jernigan

Lambert Johnson

James Stewart Maloney

Robert Ray "Bob" Martin

Virginia Murphy McQueen

Ruth Olive





Julius Pinkston

Yancy McMillan Robertson

Edna Earle Rodgers

Lee Adam Smith

Marvin Thompson Smith

Delores Thompson

Bettie Townsend

Dick Utley

Hazel Blanche Vestal

John Drexel "Luke" Wheeler, Jr.

Frances Mitchell Williams

James Eugene Wilson








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